Ciao Bella Salon was founded by husband-and-wife team Darrin & Emily Gosser in 2005. Newlyweds with an entrepreneurial spirit, they had a vision for creating a beautiful space that made stylists feel creative and clients feel welcome. With nothing but high hopes and a simple business model, they hung out their shingle on March 1, 2005. When their double doors opened, there were 10 stylists, besides Emily, the majority of whom still work at Ciao Bella Salon today. Since then, other talented stylists have continued to join in the fun at this 21-station booth-rental salon.

Serendipity has a way of finding those who are open to it, and the opportunity to grow has found Ciao Bella Salon again and again (and again!). We have opened four salon locations in Indianapolis and Hamilton County. Each Ciao Bella Salon continually strives to maintain its family-style atmosphere while improving and expanding its “Live well. Look well” model.

If creativity is thinking up new things and innovation is doing new things, you could say that Emily is the creative force behind Ciao Bella Salon while Darrin is the innovator, carrying out all of the plans. Together they operate their growing business on the principles of love and fairness, seeing and expecting the best in others and treating everyone in the way that we all wish to be treated. They both feel a call to the industry, specifically to salon ownership, and delight in trying to help everyone they work with enjoy their chosen profession. After all, as author Linda Naiman observes,

“When we engage in what we are naturally suited to do, our work takes on the quality of play, and it is play that stimulates creativity.”

Well said, Ms. Naiman.